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A word from your host

Institrve is a labor of love. Like a 60 unit semester after drop date…but in a joyful sense.

Each episode affords me a chance to rediscover the wonder of being back in Cambridge. While the reward I receive is inherent in the work, funding could improve the show and directly benefit others.

My graduate thesis advisor always told me to think big so here goes:

  1. Each episode incorporates music and images. Rather than relying on stock content, I’d like to pay aspiring artists to create custom content and help them get a start in their careers.
  2. I have interesting fragments about MIT’s history but careful research is needed to form fact-based stories. I’d like to offer paid UROPs so students can advance knowledge about the ‘Tute.
  3. There are countably infinite story ideas. Hiring staff would increase the frequency of episodes.

I have not explored Patreon yet as this show is in its infancy. I’ll keep challenging myself to keep the episodes coming.

If you are inspired, feel free to contribute. Thank you!

Ravi Patil


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